Provider Search

Looking for a Health Partner of Northern California Provider near you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can locate any provider in our network, including primary care physicians and specialists, laboratories, testing facilities, physical therapy providers, hospitals, and community health providers. All you have to do to find a provider is to select the provider type you are looking for. Health Partners of Northern CA provides members with a comprehensive provider network. As an address and/or participation status can change, we recommend that you verify the current address and participation status with any hospital or other medical facility or provider you plan to visit. This information is not intended to be either a recommendation or an endorsement of any individual health care provider or facility.

If you have difficulty in reading or understanding this information, please contact Health Partners of Northern CA Member Services at 1.877.830.7470 for help. You can also search for a provider by either provider specialty, group name or provider last name using the pdf directories.

Stanislaus County Employee Members, participating in the health plan with the HPNC network, seeking medical outside of Stanislaus County can access network providers through the First Health Complimentary Network: First Health Directory Search