Nurse Care Advocates

If you have a chronic or acute health care condition, having a nurse on your side can be a real help and a real comfort.  Our Nurse Care Advocates are trained to answer your questions about your health condition and treatment plan, and to help you navigate the health care system.  They are available to assist you in person or by telephone or email.  If you have a chronic or acute health care condition a Nurse Care Advocate may reach out to you. 

24/7 Nurse Line

Our nurse care helpline provides you with health information when you need it, any time, day or night.  If you or a family member are ill, an experienced nurse can answer your questions and offer reliable health information to help you make better informed health care decisions.  Simply call the Nurse Line at 1-855-279-1545, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Health Bridges

Being in the hospital can be a stressful time.  Health Bridges is a program with dedicated staff ready to answer questions and assist you and your family members with any follow-up care needed once discharged from the hospital.  Whether it’s helping with scheduling a doctor’s visit, getting a prescription filled, or assisting in getting transportation to and from an appointment…Health Bridges is there for you.  Within 24 hours of discharge, a Health Bridges nurse will reach out to you or your family member to answer any questions, as well as assist in coordinating any follow-up care needed.